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Heidi Klum Nose Job Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Heidi Klum has become subject of plastic surgery issue, mainly for the nose job since a few years ago. Yes, nose is one of prominent parts of Heidi Klum that discussed by many people. Public noticed that Heidi Klum has her nose been reshaped. It’s easy to see the changes on her.

HeidiKlumNoseJob Heidi Klum Nose Job Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Heidi Klum Nose Job

As we can easily see in Heidi Klum’s Before and After plastic surgery pictures, her nose has been well reshaped. It is clear that she used to have a wider and bigger nose shape. But the nose job (or medically known as Rhinoplasty) took part there. Nose job procedure performed by her plastic surgeon made the difference.

See Heidi Klum before-after picture, her today nose is much smaller and slimmer than what she had before. Nasal bridge is part of her nose that significantly changed, beside her nose tip anyhow. Her nasal bridge is slimmer and at the same time her nose tip is also more pointed.

She should thank her nose surgery specialist for making such change. Although sometime she appears unnatural wtih her new nose, overall we all may be agree that Heidi Klum got good result of the nose job. Her today nose matches with her face. What do you think?

She seems to get the same destiny with Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Amy Adams who also got plastic surgery for the nose job. The results of their nose job are fabulous. It surely made them to appear more beautiful and more confidence, of course.

By the way, nose job is not the only procedure that allegedly done by this 41 years-old woman. Model and actress who appeared in films CSI: Miami and Desperate Housewives has also associated with the breast implants procedure.

HeidiKlumPlasticSurgeryBreastImplants Heidi Klum Nose Job Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

People considered so because Heidi Klum’s breasts caught to appear dramatically bigger than before. You can also make your own judgment after seeing her before after photos. However we would agree if Heidi’s boobs are much fuller than she used to have, wouldn’t we?

(Also check Eva Longoria, another ‘Desperate Housewives’ who has plastic surgery, and don’t hesitate to put your comment about their plastic surgery results).

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