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Hedy Lamarr Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Although she had passed away about 15 years ago, but Hedy Lamarr plastic surgery is still an interesting topic to discuss. We could clearly see that this woman was very beautiful and sexy, that’s why she was named as one of the Hollywood sex symbols. Many people say that the actress had conducted the surgery long before plastic surgery is a famous thing among Hollywood celebrities. But some people also argue that her pretty face was real and was not the result of plastic surgery.

HedyLamarrPlasticSurgery Hedy Lamarr Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Hedy Lamarr Plastic Surgery

Regardless pros and cons out there, many people also agree that Hedy Lamarr plastic surgery was being the pioneer of similar procedures that become trend these days. This woman named as the first actress who admitted to having plastic surgery. It was reported that the actress got her first plastic surgery in 1960s.

And as she got older, she was also said to get some other plastic surgery procedures to fight the aging signs. There are a lot of speculations about what kind of plastic surgery that done by her. Some of plastic surgery procedures she had were facelift, nose job, lip enhancement and Botox injection.

Hedy Lamarr Facelift and Nose Job

Facelift was one of plastic surgery procedures she underwent. Unfortunately, Hedy Lamarr  got it excessively. The result of it was clear. See her before and after pictures, facelift transformed the natural beauty of Hedy Lamarr into a botched one. Botched plastic surgery surely made Hedy Lamarr as one of bad celebrity plastic surgery examples.

Meanwhile on her nose, it was said that Hedy Lamarr had nose job as the first plastic surgery procedure. At that time, plastic surgery for nose job is only cost $250. Beside refine her nose, this nose job was also smoothen her career too.

Hedy Lamarr got many benefits from the nose job procedure since it made her nose looked better and suited to her face well. As we can see in Hedy Lamarr before and after plastic surgery pictures, her slim and small nose shape made her to look more beautiful that inspired many women to get similar nose shape.

Hedy Lamarr Lip Enhancement

Beside nose job, Hedy Lamarr also possibly got the lip enhancement. The lip enhancement can be seen from the fact that her lips thickened in unnatural way. Those lips shapes left until her death.

Hedy Lamarr seemed to get professional surgeon to handle her plastic surgery. Her lips looked so plumped and fuller with perfect curves. She then even sexier when she applied red lipstick there.

HedyLamarrPlasticSurgeryBeforeAfter Hedy Lamarr Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Hedy Lamarr Plastic Surgery Before After

Lip enhancement made her sexier. At the same time it also gave her kind of sensual smile. Although sometimes her lips looked unnaturally thick, but it’s tolerable and suited her face well.

Hedy Lamarr Botox

Hedy Lamarr was also rumored to get the Botox injection done. It happened before she got her heart disease complications. More than 15 years ago, people noticed that her face had dramatically changed. That change was believed as the result of Botox injected in her face.

The Botox made her face looked frozen and stiff. As we can see in Hedy Lamarr’s before and after plastic surgery pictures, her forehead appeared so flawless. It’s a clear indication that Botox really was there. Botox probably injected in the glabella area, that’s why her forehead and eyes area looked so tight.

We perhaps will never see Hedy Lamarr again, but her involvement with plastic surgery would always inspire many actresses out there. Today, even some old American actresses are also playing with plastic surgery. See Andrea Mitchell, Goldie Hawn and Susan Sullivan who have plastic surgery in their old ages.

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  • Emmie November 19, 2015, 6:56 am

    Erm. You know Hedy died prior to Botox approval by the FDA for cosmetic use?

  • Josef April 19, 2019, 10:37 am

    The woman in the first picture is NOT EVEN Hedy Lamarr. I believe it is Delores Del Rio. Hedy never had her nose operated on. Look at pictures of when she was a child. Same nose! She never had anything done until her fifties. Stop saying she had a nose job!
    When Hedy had her facelift in the 1960s, there was NO BOTOX. It didn’t exist then… She NEVER HAD BOTOX!
    This article was badly researched. Badly written, too. HORRIBLE!

  • Bonnie April 4, 2021, 12:57 pm

    The woman in the first picture is neither Hedy Lamarr nor Dolores Del Rio. She is Inez Cooper—-an obscure actress of the ‘40s who acquired little fame despite her striking resemblance to Ms. Lamarr.

  • lilith February 8, 2023, 12:15 am

    hedy lamarr did not need plastic sugry she was butiful just the way she was and plastic sugry is bad for the skin just have loshin do the job

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