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Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After

Older sister of actress Hilary Duff, Haylie Katherine Duff is an American actress, TV presenter and a Singer herself. Lately, she attracted a lot of interest into her when the rumors emerged saying Haylie has decided to follow her younger sister’s path to undergo the knife to improve her looks. She seems to have got a chin implantation and nose job to improve her looks.

When you compare older pictures of Haylie to what she looks now, it is pretty clear that her nose has got a new shape recently. She used to have a wide nose. But after the nose job or rhinoplasty, which worked well on her, she now has a nose that is straighter compared to before. Her nose is now slimmer with pointed tips if you look at from the front. Many people believe that Hilary got a better nose job than her sister Haylie. But in anyway, her nose looks in new shape now.

Haylie Duff 550x309 Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After

Another surgery, she said to have undergone is a chin implant. Her cheeks have now got a new shape, and that has impacted on the shape of her face. After the surgery, Haylie now has pointed cheeks unlike before.

She also said to have received a jaw implant. This has also contributed big time in reshaping her face. Her latest pictures suggest that Haylie has a jaw line that is long. This all together gives her face an oval shape.

Unlike other celebrities who chose to ignore any suggestion that they have undergone the knife to improve the looks, Haylie has acknowledged the rumors and has rejected all the claims that say she has followed her sister to get a plastic surgery herself. Even though there are proofs all over her appearances, this has lightened up many controversies as well. Many fans think that Haylie before the surgery was amazing, despite her new looks appears to be more beautiful. They say that they loved the Haylie for her natural looks. There is another group of fans who claims that it was perfectly okay for Haylie to undergo the surgery. They believe that it was necessary for her to reshape her appearance so that she can increase her chances in the industry. Anyway, no matter what side you chose, there is no doubt that doctors have done a good job on Haylie as she looks prettier than before.

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