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Han Ye Seul Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After Picture

It can’t be denied that Han Ye Seul recent appearance looks like the result of plastic surgery. The rumor has it, that this South Korean celebrity has plastic surgery procedure to enhance her beauty. It is a common thing in South Korea if many celebrities take plastic surgery to refine parts of the face and body. So, what about Han Ye Seul? This 33 years-old actress has been rumored to get the eyelid surgery.

HanYeSeulPlasticSurgery Han Ye Seul Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After Picture

Han Ye Seul Plastic Surgery

Eyelid surgery or medically known as the Blepharoplasty has reshaped her eyes look. As we can see in many old pictures of her, Han Ye Seul used to have slanted eye shapes. But by the time passes, her eyelids, mainly upper eyelids have much changed. We can see it easily from Han Ye Seul’s before after picture shown. You don’t think that it is the effect of makeup, do you?

The eyelid surgery performed by her plastic surgeon worked well. It made her eyes more lifted and more open at the same time. It successfully made her eyes looked bigger and fresher. She surely appears better with her “new” eyelids.

Han Ye Seul herself doesn’t clearly admit this plastic surgery issue. So, what do you think? Did she really get plastic surgery?

We all know, that most of plastic surgery patients in South Korea are taking plastic surgery for aesthetic reason, and Han Ye Seul is not the only South Korean celebrity who (allegedly) get plastic surgery. Please take a look at Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Ah Joong who also got the plastic surgery. Their plastic surgeon really helped them in changing their appearance.

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