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Han Ga In Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery issue is not a new thing for Han Ga In. The rumor about her plastic surgery has spread at least since 2007. Until now, South Korean actress who played in popular film Architecture 101 and drama Moon Embracing the Sun rumored to get at least nose job and eyelid surgery.

HanGaInPlasticSurgery Han Ga In Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After Pictures

Han Ga In Plastic Surgery

Han Ga In Nose Job

It can’t be denied that many of plastic surgery patients in South Korea have the nose job done. Han Ga In is also one of Korean celebrities whom rumored to get this plastic procedure. The rumor rose after her past photos widely spread on the internet.

Her recent nose has been considered to getting the work done. Many people believe that Han Ga In’s nose is not 100 percent natural anymore. The nose job or Rhinoplasty procedure is the reason for her nose change.

Her nose specialist seemed to perform a minor rhinoplasty. The result of it is subtle and good enough. As we can see in Han Ga In before and after plastic surgery pictures, he nose has been well reshaped.

Her past photos show that her nose was not as good as hers today. It was a bit flatter than her nose shape these days. Han Ga In herself didn’t clearly admit that she gets this procedure. You can make your own opinion anyhow.

Han Ga In Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in South Korea seems also done on Han Ga In. The 32 years old actress has been rumored to get this eyelid surgery since she has a bit different eyelids shape.

HanGaInBeforeAfter Han Ga In Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After Pictures

Han Ga In Before After

In many cases of eyelid surgery, the patients want to make their eyes look bigger. But different with mostly Korean who wanted to make their eyes look bigger, Han Ga In just reshaped her eyelids.

As we can see in her before-after pictures, Han Ga In actually has big eyes look since she was young. But the eyelid surgery (or also known as Blepharoplasty) has refine her eyelids, made it much better and suit her eyes well.

Han Ga In together with other South Korean celebrities like Choi Ji Woo, Ku Hye Sun and Sandara Park seem unable to avoid plastic surgery issue. They reportedly get the help of plastic surgery to enhance their beauties. See Choi Ji Woo, Ku Hye Sun and Sandara Park plastic surgery results.

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