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Han Chae Young Plastic Surgery Before and After

Han Chae Young has admitted that she got plastic surgery. The double eyelid surgery is one of plastic surgery procedures she admitted. However Han Chae Young was also supposed to get another procedure. Han Chae Young was believed to get the breast implants.

HanCheYoungPlasticSurgery Han Chae Young Plastic Surgery Before and After

Han Chae Young Plastic Surgery

Han Chae Young Double Eyelid Surgery

Unlike many other South Korean female celebrities who didn’t open about their plastic surgery, Han Chae Young clearly stated that she got it. South Korean celebrity who played in the films such as Autumn Fairy Tale and Pretty Man publicly said that she got the double eyelid surgery. (Also see plastic surgery result on Jang Geun Suk, her partner in the film Pretty Man).

The result of the eyelid surgery on Han Chae Young is obvious. We can see from Chae Young’s before and after picture that her eyelids were nicely shaped. Actually Han Chae Young eyelids were not too bad in the past. But after she decided to get the double eyelid surgery, she got better eyelids shapes.

This surgery is not only affect her eyelids. But we can see that Han Chae Young appears with much fresher eyes look. This fresh look is also adding the beauty on her face.

Han Chae Young Breast Implants

The breast implants rumor rose after Han Chae Young caught to appear with bigger breasts. The size of her breasts have increased significantly. It’s reasonable if people then accuse Han Chae Young to went under the knife to get breast implants.

HanCheYoungBoobJob Han Chae Young Plastic Surgery Before and After

Han Chae Young Breast Implants

You can see in Han Chae Young Plastic Surgery before after picture, her breasts have changed both in size and shape. Although Han Chae Young probably gained weight, but breast augmentation via breast implant is the most reasonable reason. What do you think?

By the way, see Song Hye Kyo and Han Ye Seul who also rumored to having some works done on them. Plastic surgery has changed their appearances significantly.

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