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Halle Berry plastic surgery photos (before and after)

A lot of people in the world still raise their eyebrow when they hear that Halle Berry will be 50 next year. It is hard to believe for most of them because Halle Berry still looks so young. As usual when an actress looks younger than her age, it will kick start the rumors of a plastic surgery. The Halle Berry was not different. She was also a victim of the speculation of plastic surgery. People accused her to have received a nose job and breast augmentation along with Botox injections.

If you take a look at Halle Berry’s pictures, you can see that Halle Berry used to look like a different person unlike the way she looks now. One of the features that changed drastically on her face is her nose. She has a pointed nose that is a lot narrower than it used to look like. Experts points that this might come as a result of a nose job.

Hallie Berry 550x309 Halle Berry plastic surgery photos (before and after)

In the other speculations, it says that she has also received breast implants. It is also visible from her pictures that the breast size of Halle Berry looks so different from what they used to look like. It looks like the shape and size of her breast has changed drastically.

She also said to have used Botox injections.

Despite experts re-assuring that Halle Berry has undergone a surgery, she has came out to deny them. She said that she does not entertain the idea of a possible surgery. She compares them to drugs. She thinks that once you undergo the plastic surgery, you will become an addict to it. She also confirmed that she had been under a lot of pressure to under the surgery, but stated that she will never do it. Looking at her words, we have to admit that her words about plastic surgery are true. A lot of female celebrities are now an addict to plastic surgery. She had also shared her fear of plastic surgery being a must-do thing in the industry.

after4 Halle Berry plastic surgery photos (before and after)

So as for now, we cannot say whether Halle Berry is a natural beauty as she claims or not. It is very hard to believe that all the changes that happened to her are a result of natural process. It looks like she has undergone a plastic surgery in a small amount. But her strong refusal to the rumors put us in a difficult position to judge her.

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