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Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Gwen Stefani is being hard hit by plastic surgery issue recently. This matter came after public noticed that the “Hollaback Girl” appeared better and younger, especially on her facial area. Many people including experts then wonder, did Gwen Stefani have plastic surgery?

Although the 45 years-old American singer didn’t openly admit her surgery, but expert’s words and Gwen Stefani’s before and after plastic surgery pictures can help us to find the truth. So, what kind of works has she done?  Gwen Stefani is strongly believed to having several works on her, let’s say the Botox injections, nose job, breast implants, eyelid surgery and skin resurfacing.

GwenStefaniPlasticSurgery Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

Gwen Stefani Nose Job

Nose is one of Gwen’s facial parts that dramatically changed. If you are her big fan, you could notice it better. Her nose was big, and rather bulbous in the past. But today we see that Gwen has a different nose shape. Nose job (or rhinoplasty) is the only strong reason behind this change.

The plastic surgeon’s works are obvious to see. Gwen now has a smaller nasal bridge and pointier nose tip. However, we also could see that her nose is getting more pinched. It’s different with Jennifer Aniston, another American celebrity who got a better nose job result.

Gwen Stefani Botox and Eyelid Surgery

Gwen Renée Stefani was born on October 3, 1969. With her today’s age she should shows the aging signs, at least around her facial area. Normally, it would be easy to see the wrinkles or fine lines on 40s years-old women’s faces. Now let’s take a look on Gwen Stefani’s face appearance. Can you see any lines there? If you cannot see it, then you should think about Botox.

Yes,Botox injection is one of procedures she got. Botox effectively gave smooth and flawless skin on her face. She even looks like doesn’t age.

The eyelid surgery (or blepharoplasty) became another procedure that supporting her change. A famous American plastic surgeon, Dr Anthony Youn has given us more scientific explanation. He said Gwen Stefani got at least her upper eyelid done.

“Her eyes look more open, and may be the result of a conservative, well-performed upper eyelid lift, which is called Blepharoplasty. Her forehead is also exceedingly smooth for a woman her age, possibly due to injections of Botox.” as Youn recently told Radaronline.

GwenStefaniBreastImplants Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Gwen Stefani Breast Implants

Gwen Stefani Breast Implants

However you would also notice that Gwen Stefani changes weren’t only on face, but also on her body such as on tummy and on breasts. For breasts, Gwen Stefani was believed to get breast implants or breast augmentation, while some works also done on her tummy related to her giving birth some children. (Check Kate Hudson who gets the same works with Gwen Stefani).

Few years ago, Gwen Stefani actually ever stated that she would consider to get plastic surgery. Unfortunately, there are no clear statements from her so far. She seems to let public judge by itself. What do you think? Share your own words about those procedures on her.

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