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Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After Pictures

Many people are questioning about the relation between Goo Hara and plastic surgery. We couldn’t deny if Goo Hara is a beautiful woman and many people adore it. Unfortunately, her beautiful face triggered the speculation whether it came from good gene, or good plastic surgery.

GoAraPlasticSurgery Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After Pictures

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery

Go Ara Eyelid Surgery

It is not secret if Go Ara eyes look is attracting many people out there. She is considered to having a beautiful eyes look which came from her hazel eyes color. However we are not going to talk about it further. But what we will to discuss is about the eyelid surgery that possibly done by her to support her beautiful eyes look.

Goo Hara is associated with plastic surgery since she has her eyelids changed. The change is subtle anyhow. As we can see in her before and after plastic surgery pictures, she used to have smaller eyes look, just like common Eastern Asian people.

But as her recent pictures show us, Go Ara now has more open and wider eyes look. She surely appears more beautiful with that. The bad news is, some people believed that the subtle change on Go Ara eyelids is the result of plastic surgery. Eyelid surgery or also known as Blepharolasty then linked to her.

Go Ara herself didn’t clearly admit that she gets this surgery. Only about three years ago, Go Ara stated that plastic surgery is not her focus.

“I’ll put more focus on acting rather than having cosmetic surgery,” she said. However the time is changing, and probably her view about plastic surgery. What do you think?

GoAraPlasticSurgeryPicture Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After Pictures

Go Ara Plastic Surgery Picture

Go Ara Jawline and Chin Reduction

Jaw and chin reduction are among popular plastic surgery procedures performed in South Korea. Many Korean celebrities got this procedure. Go Ara is one of those whom rumored to get at least jawline or chin reduction.

We all can see in Go Ara Before pictures that she had wider jawline and chin shape in the past. And another miracle again comes, Go Ara now appears with smaller jawline shape. Her chin also looks slimmer and narrower.

Go Ara is not alone anyway. After School Nana, Hyomin T-ara and Lee Da Hae also got the same jaw and/or chin reduction. Check them all, and don’t hesitate  to share your comment.

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