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Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

We all agree that Fan Bingbing is a beautiful woman. She has big eyes, thin lips, good nose shape and perfect V-shaped face contour. But well, those facial features didn’t that good in the past, until the (suspected) plastic surgery changed those all. Fan Bingbing is believed to get eyelid surgery, nose job, chin reduction and breast implants.

FanBingbingBreastImplants Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

Fan Bingbing Breast Implants

Fan Bingbing Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is so popular among Eastern Asia plastic surgery patients. You know the reason, they want to get bigger eyes look. As a celebrity Fan Bingbing knows that she needs to enhance her beauty in various ways. Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) seems to become one of procedures that attract her.

Chinese actress who played in film My Fair Princess now appears better with big eyes on her. Her plastic surgeon has surely made a good job. What do you think?

Fan Bingbing Nose Job

Fan Bingbing also allegedly got the nose job or Rhinoplasty. As you can see in Fan Bingbing before and after plastic surgery pictures, she had flat nose shape in the past. Her former nose really didn’t match her face until nose job changed it. You can see that today Fan Bingbing has beautiful and smaller nose shape.

It’s mainly on her nasal bridge and ala (wing of nose) where those parts were well reshaped. Fan Bingbing seemed to get a professional nose specialist that gave her such small yet beautiful nose shape.

FanBingbingPlasticSurgery Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery

Fan Bingbing Chin Reduction

We seem don’t need to dispute about this surgery. The result of chin surgery is obvious. Although she has had narrow chin since she was young, but this chin reduction made her face slimmer on its lower part. Fan Bingbing’s face now has perfect V-line shape.

That V-shaped face now is a character of Fan Bingbing. She surely appears better with that, doesn’t she?

Fan Bingbing Breast Implants

Just like her chin, the change on her breasts is also easy to see. Significant change on her breasts is considered as the result of breast augmentation via breast implants. You can see Fan Bingbing’s comparison photo, her boobs have been transformed into bigger and fuller ones.

She appears sexier and hotter with her “new boobs”. She should thank her plastic surgeon to make such good change. It is good to see Fan Bingbing looked better with some beauty enhancements on her.

She is like Angelababy, another Chinese celebrity who is famous for her dramatic change by plastic surgery.

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