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Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery Boobs Job, Nose Job Before After Pictures

Eva Mendes has been surrounded with plastic surgery issues since some changes on her face and body noticed by people. It has been widely known that nose job is one of plastic surgery procedures that was alleged to Eva Mendes. Beside nose job, Eva Mendes also had Botox injection to enhance her beauty. However nose job and Botox are not the only procedures she had. Eva Mendes was also believed to get brow lift and breast implants.

EvaMendesPlasticSurgery Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery Boobs Job, Nose Job Before After Pictures

Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery

Eva Mendes Nose Job

Yes, nose job is procedure that is strongly believed to be done by Eva Mendez. The nose job, or also known as Rhinoplasty has reshaped her old nose. As you can see in Eva Mendes’ before and after plastic surgery picture, her nose has slightly changed. She used to have bigger nose shape mainly on the nose tip. However, her plastic surgeon professionally changed that into a smaller and slimmer one. The rhinoplasty performed by her surgeon seemed really useful for Eva Mendes. She appears better with her new nose, doesn’t she? By the way, also see Jennifer Aniston and Amy Adams who got the same nose job. Nose job really helped them in changing their noses.

Eva Mendes Botox and Browlift

Are you one of her fans? If yes, you would know better if Eva Mendes is not young woman anymore. American actress who played in some popular Hollywood films such as Ghost Rider and 2 Fast 2 Furious was born on March 5, 1974. Yes, she is 40 years old today. It is reasonable if she then feels insecure about the aging. Botox then became her choice to fight the aging.

Botox seemed to successfully wipe out the aging signs from her face. As we can see from her before after pictures, her face appears flawless, free of wrinkles and other aging lines. A famous celebrity plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Unites States, Dr. Paul S. Nassif said that botox mainly to be on her forehead.

“Eva Mendez may have had Botox injected in her forehead,” the doctor stated.

Together with her Botox, Eva Mendes was also rumored to get the browlift done. Although there is no clear statement about this brow lift, but you could see that there is slight change on Mendes’ brows. It looked like that her brows were reshaped and became more lifted. What do you think?

EvaMendesBreastImplants Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery Boobs Job, Nose Job Before After Pictures

Eva Mendes Breast Implants

Eva Mendes Breast Implants

We can’t deny if Eva Mendes is a sexy actress. And you know that boobs are always becoming things that associated with the word “sexy”. So does Eva Mendes. Eva Mendes has been reported to get the boobs job done. The breast augmentation via breast implants has supported Eva Mendes appearance. It changed her small breasts in the past became much bigger and fuller. It surely made her to appear sexier. Eva Mendez more less has the same procedure with Jenna Dewan Tatum and Charisma Carpenter who got the nose job combined with the boobs job. Check them all and compare their result.

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  • Wade June 19, 2015, 11:14 am

    I was all excited about getting to see what Eva had been hiding so we’ll all those years under those nice blouses and great bras!! In the movie with The great Mr. Phoenix..but I have to say, I was extremely let down with what Eva had to offer to the eye in that nude scene!! Her titties weren’t NEARLY as nice as I had pictured them, but in movies such as Ghost Rider she has got some of the greatest looking cleavage!”! And one HELLA SWEET BOOTY!!

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