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Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Actually Eva Longoria has been rumored to get plastic surgery since more than five years ago. However, her plastic surgery news is still becoming a hot topic to discuss. Many people still curious and talk about it. So what does Eva Longoria have? Nose job, Botox and breast implants are among procedures that were allegedly to be on Eva Longoria.

EvaLongoriaPlasticSurgery Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery

Eva Longoria Nose Job

Nose job is one of procedures that was believed done by Longoria. But the result is subtle. Take a look at Eva Longoria’s before and after plastic surgery pictures. We couldn’t see the result of her nose job at glance. You need to pay your attention carefully.

The nose job or Rhinoplasty procedure performed by her plastic surgeon is good enough. Eva Longoria’s nose has been well reshaped. We can see how her nose tip became more pointed. It matched her face and she appears better with her new nose. What do you think?

Eva Longoria Botox

We all know that American actress who played on the series Desperate Housewives is nearing her 40 age. Eva Longoria was born on March 15, 1975, means she is 39 years-old now. This age, someone would normally show the aging signs on his/her face.

But with the help of Botox, Eva Longoria has her wrinkles disappeared. The Botox injected by her surgeon seemed to be done properly. Eva didn’t go crazy with botox. It made her face to appear as if she doesn’t age. She even appears like 10 years younger than her real 39 years age.

Eva Longoria Breast Implants

Unlike her nose job which gave subtle result, her breast implants result is obvious enough. It’s easy to see from her before after picture that her breasts have much changed. The surgeon result has changed Eva Longoria’s boobs both in size and shape.

She’s said goodbye to her former small breasts. Eva Longoria appears sexier with her new bigger and fuller breasts, doesn’t she? (See Christina Hendricks and Scarlett Johansson who got really big boobs with the help of breast implants)

EvaLongoriaBreastImplants Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Eva Longoria Breast Implants

Unfortunately, Eva Longoria tended to deny all plastic surgery rumor addressed to her. She said that she afraid of needle. But with such significant changes on her, mainly on breasts, will you believe her?

However we should appreciate her effort to get the beauty enhancement. Eva Longoria seemed to having the same destiny with Jenna Dewan Tatum and Anna Faris who have successfully changed their noses and breasts via plastic surgery.

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  • violet July 7, 2015, 5:32 am

    Eva langoria look better before nowher face looks so different fuller not natural I’m sorry she changed her self

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