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Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Before and After

This Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is one of the most heavily paid stars of the TV film industry. She is a scorpion born on 10th of November 1969 in Massachusetts. Her father was Joseph E. Pompeo and mother Katheleen, who died of a painkiller overdose. After that, she has 5 siblings from the re marriage of her father. Ellen Pompeo started her acting career in her late twenties when she got the opportunity to act for the first time on television in one of the episodes of Law & order. Her early acting career was not very promising as the there were very few and small roles offered to her for the next 4 years after her debut. But, after 200 she started getting roles of better quality and in 2002 her luck played well and she landed a major role of Bertie Knox in the film Moonlight Mile which was a romantic drama along with another film of Steven Spielberg called Catch Me If You Can. Moonlight mile was not able to do much but the other movie did great and was a great success all over the world. Slowly and steadily Ellen was able to make a mark in the industry with her films getting mixed to positive reviews until she landed the role of Dr Meredith Grey in the TV series of ABC, which as a medical drama.

ellen pompeo plastic surgery before and after 550x378 Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Her success also saw a transformation in her face due to the suspected plastic surgery. Though she ahs been very carful in planning the areas that are to be touched, you can clearly figure out the difference due to Ellen Pompeo plastic surgery in before and after photographs.

During her pregnancy, she gained a lot of weights, and that showed on her face too but even after losing out the pregnancy fat her cheeks have retained the puffy look which is why it is speculated that Ellen Pompeo got the fillers injected under her skin. Also, there are speculations that the reason of her face being wrinkle free is the use of Botox injections. The injections have been planned so that the expressions on the face are still alive.

All these speculations can only be clarified by Ellen if she chooses to speak the truth about them.

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