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Elizabeth Dole Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Knowing about Elizabeth Dole plastic surgery, you will realize that even the politician loves to put herself under the needle and knife. Well everybody knows that Elizabeth Dole is kind of smart woman that brought her as a United States Senator. But on the other hand, apparently she is also kind of ordinary woman who thinks too much about her appearance. That’s why when the speculation about her plastic surgery rose, public didn’t surprised. They just wonder what kind of plastic surgery probably done by her.

ElizabethDolePlasticSurgery Elizabeth Dole Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Elizabeth Dole Plastic Surgery

Elizabeth Dole Eyelid Surgery

To make her face looks fresher with bigger eyes, it seems that the eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) is the most possible thing here. She got the eyelid surgery in order to prevent her eyes from getting saggy or baggy.

It seems that eyelid surgery managed to remove excess skin that can be seen from her eyes as the indication she’s getting older. Another benefit that was given by the eyelid surgery is to make her face appear younger and fresher as you see today.

Elizabeth Dole Botox

Many people assume that she got the botox injection. By examining Elizabeth Dole before and after pictures, you can see that her cheek looks tight, the indication of botox was injected there. It usually intended to remove laugh lines or crease that appear there.

Not only on her cheek, Botox seems also injected in her forehead. It helped Elizabeth Dole to remove frown as well as made her forehead flawless. Overall botox is working well except the facts that she looks swollen and chubbier now.

Elizabeth Dole Facelift

Normally, facelift will pull and tighten someone’s face. Meanwhile on Elizabeth Dole the facelift procedure also gives her that bad smile. “Joker lips” is now on Elizabeth and making people easier to identify her. However, we can’t deny if the facelift also makes her facial skin looks smooth. Lines or wrinkles nearly disappear on her smooth skin.

ElizabethDoleBeforeandAfter Elizabeth Dole Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Elizabeth Dole Before and After

Combination of Botox injection and facelift has successfully given her much younger face. Let’s face it, Elizabeth Dole is 78 years old. Well, she appears decades younger than her real age. We may say that Elizabeth Dole plastic surgery is a bit overdone. However, from Elizabeth Dole plastic surgery we know that even smart politician like her didn’t too smart in getting plastic surgery.

Elizabeth Dole seems to get the plastic surgery bit too far. Although it’s not change her face badly and drastically, but oftentimes she appears rather unnatural. What do you think about Elizabeth Dole plastic surgery results?

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