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Edie Falco Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Did Edie Falco have plastic surgery? Many are asking this question. American actress who portrayed Carmela Soprano on series The Sopranos is under plastic surgery suspicion since she appears with kind of plastic face. Did she, or didn’t she?

EdieFalcoPlasticSurgery Edie Falco Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Edie Falco Plastic Surgery

Edie Falco and Botox Rumor

Botox injection is the most possible procedure she underwent. Edie Falco Before and After plastic surgery pictures show us the sign of Botox. Although she doesn’t honestly admit it, but her recent face appearance is too good for woman more than 50 years old. No wonder many people are asking the truth behind her face change.

Edie Falco is reaching her 52 years age. It does make sense if she wants something to maintain or even to bring back her youthfulness. Well, we can’t say that Botox completely changes her face. Although Falco can’t hide slight unnatural impression on her face, Botox effect has made her face younger for sure.

EdieFalcoBotox Edie Falco Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Edie Falco Botox

It’s likely that Edie Falco getting appropriate dosage of Botox. At her 50s, Edie Falco appears 10 to 15 years younger than her real age.

We do believe that makeup could significantly disguise wrinkles, frown and fine lines on face, but Edie Falco is possibly getting more than the makeup. Her doctor has successfuly disappeared aging signs from her face. Some other actresses are also getting the same. See Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa and Vicki Gunvalson plastic surgery.

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