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Duchess of Alba plastic surgery

There is a reason plastic surgery is so popular among Hollywood celebrities. Plastic surgery often does wonder with the people who undergo them. It will improve their self-confidence and provide a massive boost to them. And it quite common among the celebrities to undergo the knife to improve their looks. This doesn’t mean that plastic surgery is a realm of Hollywood celebrities only. Even common people who want to keep their young looks forever undergo the surgery. Unfortunately for some of them, Plastic surgery can go terribly wrong. This will leave them as unrecognizable. One such person who had received a plastic surgery that went horribly wrong is Duchess of Alba. Born as Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, the only child of the 17th Duchess of Alba, she becomes the third women ever to become the head of the House of Alba.

Duchess of Alba 550x309 Duchess of Alba plastic surgery

The rumors of Duchess of Alba undergone the surgery has broken out for some time now. And if you look at her old and new pictures, you will understand that all these rumors are true. It is very evident from her pictures that Duchess of Alba has undergone some plastic surgeries that include a nose job, liposuction, face lift and Botox.

before1 550x356 Duchess of Alba plastic surgery

And sadly for her, all the surgeries she did look to have overdone, and she has lost her natural looks. She used to look like unrecognizable at the pictures that were taken recently. Some people say that she has overdone the plastic surgery that had made it hard for her to laugh.

Not all the people who do plastic surgery will get the right results. Sometime things go horribly wrong. There are many people who not only wonder why Duchess of Alba decided to get surgery but also wonder why would a plastic surgeon agree to do surgery on women who passed 80-year mark. People often criticize her for her admiration of beauty. They believe that she was too old enough to try plastic surgery and believes that she shouldn’t have done that no matter what.


Duchess of Alba passed in 2014, unfortunately for her, she will be remembered more a plastic surgery disaster than the head of House of Alba, a very highly respectable position in Spain. Many people even compare her to Jocelyn Wildenstein. They believe that both these women are in close competition for the worst plastic surgery.

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