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Don Johnson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Each celebrity has their own reason to conduct plastic surgery. Some of whom admitted plastic surgery for aesthetic needs and not a few claimed that they were ill so need to be recovered through plastic surgery. And the rest of them didn’t explain why they did plastic surgery. Don Johnson is perhaps one of American actors who didn’t clearly say that he has had plastic surgery. Some significant changes on his face made people wonder about plastic surgery he underwent.

Some people certainly said that it because of the actor is afraid of getting older. Although it is debatable, but it is obvious that his face shows us the result of plastic surgery procedures.

DonJohnsonPlasticSurgeryPicture Don Johnson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Don Johnson Plastic Surgery Picture

Don Johnson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging Don Johnson plastic surgery, before and after, we would know that this man has his own desire to stay young forever. Although he doesn’t state anything about skin rejuvenation, it seems that the actor who known for his role as James “Sonny” Crockett in the 1980s series Miami Vice, looks younger than his real age.

Besides that, his appearance also shows us there is slight change happening with his facial countour. It then led the speculation that he has put himself under the surgery knife for physical enhancement.

Don Johnson and His Iconic Nose

The actor seems put himself under the knife to get that iconic nose, as you can see in his Before and After plastic surgery pictures. His nose is bit changed and it strengthens the speculation about rhinoplasty (nose job). He used to have wider nasal cartilage and less pointed nose shape. But by the time passed, he is spotted with sharper nose than before. The nasal cartilage looks cramped and smaller with more pointed nose, too.

Skin Rejuvenation through Botox

His face that appears younger than his real 65 years age strengthens the speculation that this man get Botox injection done. It may help him to get skin rejuvenated and remove hard wrinkles that seen on his face.

Unfortunately, it also left the unnatural looks for his face. His forehead looks so stiff and unnaturally pulled. It’s obvious that the botox was regularly injected in the glabellas area.

DonJohnsonPlasticSurgery Don Johnson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Don Johnson Plastic Surgery

Facelift for Don Johnson

Besides two procedures above, Don Johnson face also shows sign of the result of facelift. It could help Don Johnson to remove hard lines, frown and wrinkles from his face. It also makes his facial skin looks so tight and a bit inflexible. Although Don Johnson face looks smooth and wrinkles-free, but there is also feminine looks left. What do you think?

Also see other old men with plastic surgery on them. Check Burt Reynolds, Barry Manilow and Ray Liotta.

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