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Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Admission Before and After Photos

Even without her confession, it’s easy to see that Denise Richards gets plastic surgery. This instant beauty enhancement via surgeon’s knife seems to flirt Denise Richards. Denise makes things easier by admitting that she has plastic surgery. As she admitted, Denise Richards got at least plastic surgery of breast implants.

DeniseRichardsPlasticSurgery Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Admission Before and After Photos

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery

Denise Richards Breast Implants

Denise Richards has been playing with boob jobs since she was young. American actress who portrayed Dr. Christmas Jones in James Bond 007: The World Is Not Enough admitted that she got first breast implant in 1990 or when she is 19 years old.

However, that wasn’t the last breast implants procedure she experienced. Denise Richards got some corrective procedures on her breasts. Denise was reported to get at least three breast augmentation procedures.

Denise Richards got another breast implants before she play a 1998 film entitled Wild Things. Denise surely appeared sexier with bigger breasts on her. Her appearance on Playboy in 2004 is a proof that she is sexy enough. (Also see Scarlett Johansson and Hayden Panettiere for other breast implants examples)

Denise Richards seems to get benefit of some boob jobs she underwent. Unfortunately, although she appears better with her big breasts, this 44 years old woman doesn’t too lucky with plastic surgery that suspected to be on her face.

Denise Richards Botox

As we can see in Denise Richards’ before and after plastic surgery pictures, her face looks stiff and frozen. Public believe that Denise has some works done on her face. Botox and some other injectable facial fillers possibly the reason behind her face.

Mini facelift also another procedure that possibly done by her since Denise Richards is no longer a young woman. She surely needs some effective methods to bring back her youthfulness.

DeniseRichardsBeforeAfterPicture Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Admission Before and After Photos

Denise Richards Before After Picture

Unfortunately, unlike breast implants that she openly admitted, Denise Richards didn’t that open about her face. So far we can only guess the truth about plastic surgery on her face. However, by investigating her before and after pictures we could easily find some significant changes on her.

Denise seems to inject Botox a bit too much. Some other American celebrities also appear worse with Botox in their faces. Let’s say names Megan Fox, Lil Kim and Jenny Mccarthy. See their Botox results.

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