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Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

Christina Ricci is one of American actresses who asks for plastic surgeon help. Luckily, unlike many other actresses, Christina Ricci is not addicted with plastic surgery. She got it perfectly. She seems to getting professional surgeon  service. Two prominent procedures of Christina Ricci plastic surgery are nose job and breast reduction.

ChristinaRicciPlasticSurgery Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery

Christina Ricci Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Christina Ricci started her career since her young age; 11 years old, so it’s easy to find her young pictures. Means, it’s also easy for us to see how she was in the past. If you examine Christina Ricci Before and After plastic surgery pictures, you would easily find the change on her nose.

It’s clear that she used to have bulbous and flatter nose shape. She was not that attractive with that kind of nose shape. Amazingly, that nose then changes in her After picture. As we can see in Ricci’s After picture, she now has better nose shape. It is smaller, slimmer and much better for her.

We should appreciate her surgeon work. The nose job is not only changing her nose, but it’s also changing the entire look of her face. She looks more beautiful and elegant, doesn’t she?

Christina Ricci Breast Reduction

When it comes to boobs, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Christina Ricci seems to thinking so, too. Christina Ricci reportedly to getting another surgeon’s touch. It’s on her boobs. The world knew that Christina Ricci was famous for having sexy, big breasts.

ChristinaRicciNoseJobandBoobJob Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

Christina Ricci Nose Job and Boob Job

Well, we couldn’t deny it. Her Before and After picture above is just a bit of proof. Christina Ricci had had big boobs that made many people loved her more. But we must face it, Ricci decided to reduce her boobs size.

However, breast reduction doesn’t reduce her sexiness. Even with smaller boobs, Christina Ricci keeps appear sexy and adorable. With 155 cm (5,1 ft) body height, 50 kg (109 pounds) weight and 32C bra size, Christina Ricci measurements are really supporting her body appearance. Well, beside good doctor, she seems also to having good gene. Don’t you think the same? You can share your thought below anyway.

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