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Choi Minho Plastic Surgery After and Before Pictures

Choi Minho is one of Shinee members who suspected to get plastic surgery. Actually it is not surprise if many of South Korean idols rumored to go under the knife. Other Korean stars like Lee Mi HoJang Geun Suk and Song Joong Ki also have this rumor. Minho Shinee seems can’t avoid this plastic surgery issue, too. From Minho’s before and after plastic surgery pictures, people notice that his nose is changed.

ChoiMinhoplasticsurgery Choi Minho Plastic Surgery After and Before Pictures

Choi Minho plastic surgery

Choi Minho Shinee Nose Job

The nose job or also known as Rhinoplasty was believed to be the reason for that change. Choi Minho seems get a perfect nose job. His nose surgeon performed good nose job that reshape his nose well.

As you can see from his comparison picture, Choi Minho used to have a flatter nasal bridge compared to his today. Today he has more protruding nasal bridge as well as more pointed nose tip. So far we can only guess the truth behind Choi Minho plastic surgery. He doesn’t give clear statement about it.

Minhoplasticsurgery Choi Minho Plastic Surgery After and Before Pictures

Min ho plastic surgery

However, people are judges. Some people believe that he surely gets plastic surgery, while some others believe that he is still natural. What do you think about Choi Minho nose job, did he or didn’t he?

Choi Minho is not alone. Another member of boy group Shinee, Taemin is also having the same rumor. See Taemin plastic surgery article.

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