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Choi Ji Woo Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Who doesn’t know Choi Ji Woo? She is considered as an actress who firstly popularized the Korean Wave to the world. Before South Korean girl and boy groups hit the world, Choi Ji Woo had made younger Korean stars struggle easier. Back in 2002, from a popular South Korean drama entitled Winter Sonata, she stole the world’s attention and brought the Korean culture fame to the next level. However, following the beauty standard in South Korea, it is reasonable if many celebrities taking the help of plastic surgery. Choi Ji Woo is also one of those whom supposed to get plastic surgery anyway. What did she have then?

ChoiJiWooPlasticSurgery Choi Ji Woo Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Choi Ji Woo Plastic Surgery

Choi Ji Woo Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

It seems that a hard thing to separate Korean celebrities with the nose job. As we all know that this procedure is so popular in the country. Many South Korean celebrities who underwent plastic surgery have the nose job done.

The same procedure has also been associated with Choi Ji Woo. 39 years old actress has her nose changed. The slight change on her nose possibly comes from the plastic surgery procedure performed by nose specialist.

You can compare her nose differences from Choi Ji Woo before and after plastic surgery pictures. In her past photos Choi Ji Woo appeared with flatter nose shape, a contrary fact with her today nose. She now appears more beautiful with better nose shape set on her.

Choi Ji Woo Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Just like nose job, eyelid surgery is also massively applied in South Korea. Many plastic surgery patients wanted it since their Korean genes gave them smaller or slanted eye shapes. Choi Ji Woo seemed to having the same feeling in the past, and eyelid surgery was a solution anyhow.

Eyelid surgery or also known as Blepharoplasty has been regarded to be the reason behind her eyelids change. Again, we take her before after as the easiest way to prove that. Choi Ji Woo plastic surgery before after pictures are showing clear signs of the surgeon’s touch. Her small eyes look now has been replaced with more open and fresher look.

Choi Ji Woo Botox

Other rumor said that Choi Ji Woo probably has Botox injected. This issue came after public assumed Choi Ji Woo is like she doesn’t age. In her nearly 40s, Choi Ji Woo appears as if 10 or 15 years younger.

ChoiJiWooPlasticSurgeryPicture Choi Ji Woo Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Choi Ji Woo Plastic Surgery Picture

Many people then believe that Botox was injected in her face. She seemed to get the professional help that gave her proper dosage of Botox. And the result is surely making us amazed. What do you think?

Choi Ji Woo must be proud for having such beautiful face. However, some significant changes on her made herself to appear more different. Today, Choi Ji Woo is considered to having quite same face with Yoona SNSD and Go Ara. Do you know that Yoona and Go Hara are also associated with plastic surgery? Did they visit the same Korean plastic surgeon? See and compare their results.

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