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Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

In her 52 years old, Cheri Oteri looked she doesn’t age. American actress who was born on September 19, 1965 has minor aging signs on her. Unfortunately, the unnatural impression of her face made her fans and celebrity bloggers to question whether she has cosmetic surgery, or not. The suspicion about plastic surgery is becoming normal thing when old actors or actresses appear younger than their real ages. But for Cheri Oteri, even without her confession, we all sure that she has had multiple plastic surgery. So, what kind of plastic surgery does she have?

CheriOteriPlasticSurgery Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery

Cheri Oteri Facelift

About her face, there are differences which trigger people to question about some facial features that looked a lot different than she in five or ten years ago. Cheri Oteri allegedly that she has had a facelift without surgery.

Cheri Oteri didn’t too open about this facelift. There is no report that confirmed she has plastic surgery of facelift done. Simply, she didn’t admit or deny it. However, the result of facelift is clear to see.

Apparently Cheri Oteri went a bit crazy with this plastic surgery procedure. We can see that her face has significant changed. Bad for her, the overdone facelift botched her face. We can see from Cheri Oteri before and after plastic surgery pictures how her former natural face has been transformed into the bad one. Let’s hope she doesn’t take any further, or she would follow Jocelyn Wildenstein, Cher and Daryl Hannah who ruined their faces with plastic surgery.

Cheri Oteri Nose Job

It was reported that rhinoplasty (nose job) is the first surgery for her. Actually nose job seems possible on her because she has more rounded nasal tip than hers in the past. She used to have smaller and slimmer nose. If she had a nose job it was surely in a subtle procedure. Cheri possibly got a minor conservative rhinoplasty. However, it didn’t make her nose to appear better.

Cheri Oteri Botox and Facial Fillers

It is becoming common if many celebrities fight the aging with Botox. In many cases of Botox injection, it has helped them both in supporting and ruining their face appearances. Unfortunately, Cheri Oteri got the bad luck of Botox result. As we can see in Cheri Oteri plastic surgery photos, her skin appears unnatural.

Some facial fillers or even laser treatment didn’t help her there. Although aging signs like wrinkles and lines have dissapeared, but the stiff and frozen face skin made her uglier. These are the culprits that make her looks so bad today. Do you agree?

Cheri Oteri Cheek Implants

Actress who appeared in popular films like Scary Movie and Inspector Gadget was also said to having implants in her cheeks. The rumor says that she has had cheek implants and a rib removed. But Cheri Oteri denied and said that she has a “few” original parts left on her.

“I’ve had my cheekbones since I was small. And it is impossible to have a rib removed! When I heard that said of me I thought it particularly silly but I will have to defend myself for the rest of my life against it,” she said.

However by looking at her pictures we don’t see significant differences on her cheeks, it is more likely the effect of her makeup.

CheriOteriBeforeandAfter Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Cheri Oteri Before and After

Cheri Oteri Eyelift

Eyelift is believed as the reason behind her recent eyes appearance. Her pictures say many about her eyelift procedure result. It is rather difficult to say she got good or bad plastic surgery of eyelift. What do you think?

If a celebrity plastic surgery was a crime, Cher would spend the rest of her life in a prison. Some plastic surgery procedures make her younger and, well, uglier. Cher is well known for being an icon of youthful and also for what plastic surgery can do for your image, she openly admits she has become “the plastic surgery poster girl”.

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