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Catherine Zeta-Jones plastic surgery pics (before/after)

It’s so common among the Hollywood celebrities to undergo the knife to improve their looks. They are always under the spotlight and always have paparazzi to follow them everywhere they go. So for them to look good is important. So, the minute they become self-conscious about their looks, they choose to undergo the knife. Even though it won’t take much time for people to figure out whether a celebrity has undergone any surgical procedure, they still do it. And every time news of a possible surgery breaks out about a celebrity going plastic surgery, it generates any lot of interest among the people. The tabloids and blogs will have their fair share of involvement with both supporting and criticizing the celebrity’s decision. The same was the case of Welsh-born actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, who began as a childhood actress and acted in many TV shows before being part of successful movies like Entrapment, Traffic and The Mask of Zorro. The mother of two, who married Michael Douglas, who is 25 years older than her, has reportedly undergone a lot of surgical procedures as she tried to retain her 20-something look forever.

Catherine Zeta  Jones 550x309 Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery pics (before/after)

If you look at the pictures of Catherine Zeta-Jones, you can see that she has a cute heart shaped face that makes her look so special. She has beautiful lips, magical eyes, and a bulbous nose. Thankfully, for her, all of them appear to be in perfect alignment with each other.

But rumors say that she has received some surgical help to make them look so. She said to have received a filler injection on her upper lip. There are rumors about her having a filler injection at their cheekbones too. But as they are not overstated, she has a benefit of the doubt. It is said that hyaluronic acid is the reason she has no nasolabial wrinkles.

Other reported surgery she did was breast implantation. Refreshing looks of her eye bags are said to be the result of an eye lift. And the fact that she didn’t have any wrinkles in her face, despite being close to her fifties has spurred the rumors of a possible Botox injection.

after 3 1 550x367 Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery pics (before/after)

Her nose is also said to have received a nose job as her nose doesn’t look the same as it used to. Nodule on the upper part of her nose is missing. But unlike the other celebrities, she hasn’t tried to enhance the tip of her nose. A face lift is also rumored to be done.

Whatever the surgeries she has undergone, they have done an amazing job. Her face hasn’t changed a lot as a result of the surgery, unlike the other celebrities.

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