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Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Boob Job

Catherine Bell appears much worse with plastic surgery. She is showing the bad risk of taking too much plastic surgery. It is mainly on her face where she seems going crazy with beauty enhancement. Bad facelift is becoming one of characters of Catherine Bell face. This British-American actress got it wrong. Well, Catherine Bell boobs job perhaps can cover her bad plastic surgery.

CatherineBellPlasticSurgery Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Boob Job

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery

Catherine Bell Bad Facelift with Botox

The result of Catherine Bell facelift would make you affraid of plastic surgery. However, such bad facelift wouldn’t happen if you take proper portion with the help of professional plastic surgeon. It would happen if you take it too much. That being said, you can tell that Catherine Bell is taking plastic surgery too far.

Catherine Bell Before and After photos show us that facelift changes her face significantly. Actually facelift is not the only reason, Botox adds the unnatural face impression of her. Face-lift has overly pulled her face skin, then overdone Botox makes it too flawless. It’s true that Catherine Bell appears younger then her real 47 age, but it’s too unnatural for her, isn’t it?

Nose Job, Lip Augmentation & Eyelid Surgery

It’s likely that Catherine Bell being obsessed with the surgeon’s knife. You read it, Catherine Bell is also having other procedures; nose job (Rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) and lips augmentation.

Adam Beason’s ex-wife used to have natural and better nose, eyelid and lips shape. Sadly, nose job, eyelid surgery and lip augmentation have changed everything. As her comparison pictures show us, none of these procedures are well done. You might not say that she had perfect nose shape in the past, but you’ll say that her nose is much worse nowadays.

Other bad plastic surgery is found on her lips. She seems inject lips fillers too much. Her lip enhancement involved both upper and lower lips. Instead of gets sexy lips, Catherine Bell looks weird with her recent lips.

Eyelid surgery a.k.a blepharoplasty does the same bad work on Catherine Bell. You can see her eyes area, her eyes appearance looks sharper yet unnatural. Catherine Bell Plastic surgery before and after pictures will explain better. All we can do is hoping she doesn’t get further eyelid surgery or she will entirely ruin her face appearance.

CatherineBellBoobJob Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Boob Job

Catherine Bell Boob Job

Catherine Bell Boob Job

Boob job is the only procedure we may appreciate from Catherine Bell plastic surgery. It supports the sexiness of her body appearance. However, with her smaller breasts, Catherine Bell was not too attractive in the past. Boob job (possibly via breast implants) has changed the way her body looks.

With 34D bra size, 178 cm height and 57 kg weight, Catherine Bell body measurement is still attracting many eyes. Is it attracting you, too? Well, many of celebrity boob jobs attract many eyes indeed. See other celebrities boob job; Christina Ricci and Frances Bean Cobain.

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