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Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

American TV personality, model and actress Camille Grammer is showing the traces of plastic surgery on her face and body. It’s not a secret that most of member The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills possibly have plastic surgery before, during or after the show aired. Some said that they need plastic surgery so they could have ‘the celebrity looks’, as we can see today. And just like her friends, Camille Grammer is also showing the truth of surgery issue on her.

CamilleGrammerPlasticSurgery Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery

Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery, Before and After

By judging Camille Grammer before and after plastic surgery pictures, it’s obvious that she has had numerous plastic surgery procedures. It is said that she has conducted nip and tuck procedure from her head to toe. It means that she has got total makeover.

Camille Grammer was even believed got the surgery before joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She then enhanced her appearance more and more through plastic surgery. But well, unfortunately her face seemed away from something you call normal.

Facial Reconstruction for Camille Grammer

As you can see in Camille Grammer before and after plastic surgery pictures, she is possibly getting some reconstructions on her face. Facial reconstruction or facial revision is often performed by those who wanted to fix the previous surgery results.

Camille Grammer is accused having too much plastic surgery for this facial reconstruction. The 46 years old woman tried so hard to look younger and more fascinating among her mates in the show.

Camille Grammer was reportedly getting the plastic surgery for Botox, Facelift, nose job as well as filler for lips enhancement. Her tight and over toned facial skin may the result from the plastic surgery of facelift. Botox injection has surely made her face skin flawless, free of any wrinkles. (Also see Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery)

Grammer added her procedures with the lips filler. She now has thicker lips, which creates trout pout looks on her. It may also the effect from filler like Saline that was injected into her lips area. Another part that possibly got the surgeon’s touch is her nose. Her nose looks slightly unnaturally narrower and slimmer for her face. Rhinoplasty or Nose Job may the reason for that. What do you think about it? (Also see nose job on Jennifer Aniston and Minka Kelly)

Camille Grammer may Also Get Breast Implants

Beside put her face under the knife for some parts, Camille Grammer also put her body, specifically, her breasts. Actually the sign of plastic surgery is obvious. Just like many people said, those big and full boobs are too good coming from her gene. You don’t forget her age, do you?

However, it’s difficult to decide whether she got good or bad breast implant result. Sometimes her boobs appear unnatural, meanwhile she also occasionally appears better and sexier with her “new breasts”.

CamilleGrammerBreastImplants Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Camille Grammer Breast Implants

The Expert’s Words about Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery

By observing Camille Grammer before and after plastic surgery pictures, many surgery experts believed that she got the plastic surgery to enhance her appearance.

An American plastic surgeon Dr. Salzhauer said,” It looks like Camille Grammer has had multiple facial enhancement procedures such as botox to her forehead and eye areas, fillers such as Juvederm or Radiesse to her lips as well as Brow and eyelid lifts.”

Well, you heard that. What do you think about Camille plastic surgery results?

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