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Britney Spears Plastic Surgery (Before and After photos)

With all the attention you get as a celebrity, it is important to be looking gorgeous and fresh. For celebrities like Britney Spears, this leaves them with no choice but to turns plastic surgeons to keep their young something look forever. And recently the 34-year old singer shocker both her fans and co-workers when she appeared with a newly changed face. Since then much has been said about Britney Spears undergoing a possibility of undergoing the knife.

With her newly improve lips that look full, it was a shock for everyone when they saw Britney Spears in her new look. Britney Spears has always drawn attention to her ever since her debut. With her exceptional talent and perfect sizes, Britney Spears always managed to stay in the focus

Unlike many celebrities, Britney Spears wasn’t afraid to admit that plastic surgery was the key for her improved look. She asked the help of Dr. Raj of Beverly Hill, who has been famous conducting plastic surgery on celebrities including Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston. Reports say that Britney Spears has received a lip injection from the Doctor.

Britney Spears 550x309 Britney Spears Plastic Surgery (Before and After photos)

But along with liposuctions Britney Spears have reportedly had done breast implantation and nose job. The report also suggests that she has taken a fat butt injection from him. This is the secret for the improved look of her hips and waistline. All this are clear from her pictures before the plastic surgery and after the surgery. Even though she is 34, Britney Spears still looks as if she is in their 20’s. Britney Spears has acknowledged the rumors of taking liposuction. She says that she has managed to get rid of unwanted fat after it.

Her new lips look juicy puffy looks makes her hot. Britney Spears has also agreed that she has received a boob job to improve her breast. She acknowledges the rumors saying she is proud that she did it. And it looks like most of the people agree with it as her new breasts fit perfectly to her body.

And thankfully for Britney Spears’s plastic surgery is done very well. Dr. Raj of Beverly Hill has once again proved her credential with his wonderful work on her. Even though it took some time for her fans to adopt to the new look of the star, they have started to love the newly looking young sexy Britney Spears. She is often portrayed as an example of what a wonderful result you can achieve from plastic surgery.

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