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Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Bree Walker has totally wiped out her beauty with plastic surgery. We all can clearly see it. The 61 years-old lady now appears much different (and uglier) than she 20 or 30 years ago. Apparently, she has been playing too much with plastic surgery. Plastic surgeon’s works are ruining Bree Walker’s facial appearance.

Several plastic surgery procedures is considered to be responsible for that. Facelift, necklift, eyelift, botox and lips augmentation are the procedures that Bree Walker has.

BreeWalkerPlasticSurgery Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Bree Walker Plastic Surgery

Bree Walker Facelift and Botox

Bree Walker was born on 26 February, 1953. In her 60s, it is reasonable if she wants to maintain the youthfullness of her face. We maybe not knowing her exact reason for taking  the facelift procedure. But the world knows that facelift is one of the most powerful weapons to fight the aging.

Facelift, combined with botox injection will give a perfect result. Botox injection is effectively erasing the aging signs on her face. Let’s see Bree Walker Before and After picture carefully. Can you identify wrinkles and fine lines on her face? Thanks to her botox, you wouldn’t see it.

Bree Walker Lips Augmentation

It’s funny when hearing Bree Walker denies the plastic surgery, especially the lip augmentation. Even five years-old kid can see how Bree Walker’s lips have significantly changed. The surgeon seemed also injecting an overdose lip filler. Poor her, this lips augmentation made her facial appearance worse. What do you think?

BreeWalkerLipsAugmentation Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Bree Walker Lips Augmentation

Bree Walker Eyelift and Necklift

Two other procedures that easy to see are eyelift and necklift. From Bree Walker Before After Picture, you can see how her eyes shapes are more lifted. Unlike lip augmentation, the eyelift gave good result. Bree Walker appears with fresher eyes look these days. Other good result also shown on her neck. Although not a perfect one, but necklift has successfully omitted the saggy skin here.

Actually, besides known as the first on-air American TV news anchor with disability, Bree Walker is also known for her openness in telling her private life. But it seems that her openness doesn’t applicable for plastic surgery matters. With such major changes on her face, Bree Walker insisted that she doesn’t have any plastic surgery. Do you still believe her denial?

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