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Boa Plastic Surgery Before and After Rumor Pictures

BoaPlasticSurgery Boa Plastic Surgery Before and After Rumor Pictures

Boa Plastic Surgery

A famous South Korean celebrity, Boa has her own plastic surgery rumor. Boa Kwon is considered to appear different with her a few years ago. Beat of Angel (Boa) actually has got her plastic surgery rumor since more than eight years ago. However, recent appearance of her is much different. It makes plastic surgery issue more attract the people.

Many people strongly believe that Boa plastic surgery is true. The 28 years old South Korean singer is considered to having some works done on her face. Her nose, eyes, jaw and forehead are among parts that suspected to get the surgeon touch.

Boa plastic surgery before and after pictures show us the indications of the surgeon’s works. Nose job could be the reason for her nose change. Nose job (Rhinoplasty) performed by her surgeon seems to done in appropriate dosage. Boa got her nose changed slightly.

Together with nose job, Boa Kwon also is suspected to get double eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty has made her eyes look bigger. She appears more beautiful and fresher with her recent eyes look. What do you think?

BoaKwonPlasticSurgery Boa Plastic Surgery Before and After Rumor Pictures

Boa Kwon Plastic Surgery

Two other of her facial parts; forehead and jawline are also getting plastic surgery allegation. Although there is no strong evidence about it, but you can make your own opinion. By looking at Boa Kwon before and after plastic surgery pictures you would find some significant changes on those facial features of her. As usual, people are the judges. Share your comments about Boa Kwon plastic surgery.

Actually many of female South Korean celebrities are also getting the same plastic surgery procedure. See Shin Se Kyung,  who also got at least jawline reduction surgery to enhance their beauties.

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