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Blake Lively Plastic Surgery of Nose Job Before After Picture

Blake Lively plastic surgery news has attracted people attention since few years ago, however it is still becoming a hot topic until today. The most case taking public attention is about her nose. Yes, Blake Lively nose job succeeded make people curious. The nose job procedure seems worked well, there are significant differences on Blake Lively before and after nose job.

Did Blake Lively really have a nose job? By observing Blake Lively before and after nose job photos we can see it easily. When she was young, American actress who played Serena van der Woodsen in the drama series Gossip Girl has kind of big nose shape.

BlakeLivelyPlasticSurgeryNoseJob Blake Lively Plastic Surgery of Nose Job Before After Picture

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Nose job

Blake Lively before nose job was not impressive enough, means she was having a bulbous nose which didn’t match with her face, at all. Blake Lively pre nose job had bigger nose both on its nasal and its tip. The opposite condition happens on her today’s nose. Her nose was well reshaped, it is now much slimmer on the nasal bridge. Her nose tip and nostril also changed. The surgeon’s work made the nose tip sharper and more pointed while her nostril also becomes smaller.

Actually, Blake Lively nose job is not clearly confirmed yet. So, did Blake Lively get a nose job? However, many people and experts believe that she has it done. While Blake Lively remains silent over her plastic surgery issues, many believe that makeup won’t give her such nose shape. Nose job (which usually also known as rhinoplasty) is the best reason to explain what was happen on Blake Lively’s nose. What do you think?

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