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Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Billy Crystal is just one of male American celebrities who takes plastic surgery as the face enhancement method. He is playing with several plastic procedures that his face drastically changes. Botox, facelift and cheek implant are among procedures he underwent.

BillyCrystalPlasticSurgery Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

Billy Crystal Botox

We don’t seem really need to hear his words for taking the Botox injection. Billy Crystal is 67 years old, and we all know that many celebrities take Botox to help erasing the aging signs on their face.

But the bad effect of Botox certainly comes when it is excessively injected. Well, Billy Crystal seems to get it that way, he seems a bit crazy about this Botox injection. As the result, we can see how his face dramatically changes into something unnatural.

It’s true that aging lines have significantly been disguised, but overdose Botox has also made his face much weird. You may blame his plastic surgeon for making such bad impression on Billy Crystal face.


Billy Crystal is also rumored to get plastic surgery for facelift. Many people consider that his face is a bit too tight compared to his in the years before. As we can see in Billy Crystal before and after plastic surgery pictures, he was appearing much natural when he was younger. But facelift then changed it, turned his face into a “plastic” face.

However, a good news comes since Billy Crystal is said having some revisions procedure on his face. You perhaps can see the result of this revision in his recent picture.

BillyCrystalPlasticSurgeryPicture Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Picture

Cheek Implant

If you carefully pay attention on her cheek, you would find change on it. It rather obvious that his cheek is plumper. Meanwhile the opposite fact comes from his Before photos. Billy Crystal used to have smaller cheek contour.

We wouldn’t know his exact reason for taking this implant, but apparently it doesn’t affect his face much. What do you think?

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