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Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

What is better word than “botched” to describe Big Ang plastic surgey? Yeah, Big Ang is certainly a plastic surgery addict. Big Ang has admitted that she has had some plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. But ok, in fact we couldn’t say that plastic surgery enhanced her appearance, she made it worse instead. Facelift, eyelift, tummy tuck, liposuction, lips injection and breast implants should be enough for Big Ang.

BigAngPlasticSurgeryPicture Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Picture

Big Ang Facelift and Eyelift

Big Ang once stated that she wanted these, facelift and eye surgery. It’s not a surprise if she wants it. Beside she is an ’experienced woman’ related to plastic surgery, Big Ang’s age is the main factor encouraging her decision. How old is Big Ang? Well, Big Ang is 55 years old, a pair of number that telling she is not a young woman.

And as you can see in Big Ang before and after plastic surgery photos, her recent face would scare you. It seems that she is going crazy with both facelift and eye surgery. Facelift is overdo

BigAngPlasticSurgery Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

Big Ang Plastic Surgery

ne, her plastic surgeon has made Ang’s face over-pulled. As the result, Big Ang’s face looks unnaturally tight.

The same bad result is also happening on her eyes. Big Ang seems getting the eye-lift for her eyes. Compared to pics of Big Ang before plastic surgery, her after pictures show her unnatural, more lifted eyes shape.

Breast Implants, Lips injection, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola had also admitted her numerous plastic surgery. Breast implants, lips injection liposuction as well as tummy tuck are among procedures she honestly admitted. As she told realitytea.com a few years ago, Big Ang underwent those plastic surgery procedures since about 30 years ago, in 1985.

“I had a tummy tuck, liposuction, my lips injected and my breasts done three times,” she said.

However, although it’s easy to see plastic surgery traces even without her confession, we do appreciate her honesty, don’t we? Share your comments about Big Ang plastic surgery.

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