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Axl Rose plastic surgery Before and After

Often when we talk about celebrities who got it all wrong in the plastic surgery, we list females. It is rare to have a male in that category. Even though plastic surgery is quite common between both male and female celebrities, people tend to criticize female celebrities more than males. But unfortunately for the Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose, he didn’t get this liberty. He is often classified in the classic Plastic surgery fail category.

We cannot blame Axl Rose for getting surgery. It is important to look good when you are always in the spotlight. With the status Axl Rose has received in his career, he has to look good because there will be a lot of media attention towards you. So when Axl Rose surprised everyone with his new smooth look, not many people where left shocked. But everyone, turned onto quickly criticize him as it looked like his surgeon got it horribly wrong. Axl Rose is said to have received some surgeries. The list goes from a facelift, nose job, Botox injection, eyelid surgery, uses of fillers and others.

Axl Rose 550x309 Axl Rose plastic surgery Before and After

If you look at the images that are taken before the reported surgery and after it, you can clearly see the difference. His face now looks too tight, as if the face lift is a bit overdone. And the use of Botox injection has made it worse. Now his forehead looks completely unnatural.

But unfortunately, he didn’t stop there. He went further, and use fillers on his cheeks, which has made things even worse. Even though it looks like it was done to cover up the damages facelift has done, things didn’t go in that direction. His face now looks chubby.

Another surgery he reportedly got is a nose job. Even though people debate that whether he has got one or not, his nose looks a lot different now. His nose is now a little narrow with a small tip as compared to before.

Axl Rose is also said to have many other surgical procedures as well.

People often wonder why he decided to undergo the surgery in the first place as the legendary singer is also famous for his good looks along with his killer voice. And a celebrity of Axl Rose’s status, it was a stupid decision to undergo surgery. People tend to keep a close eye on the celebrities of his status and can easily spot the slightest of changes.

Even though the singer himself is yet to confirm the reported surgery or deny it, we prefer to believe the rumors as there are plenty of proofs all over his face.

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