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Avril Lavigne Plastic Surgery

Talking about staying forever in your 20’s, the first name that comes to your mind will be Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, who received her first multi-million deal from Artista Records in her teenage. Avril Lavigne was born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada on 27th September 1984. Her talents were visible in her very young age. She released “Let Go,” her first studio album at her 17. The album was a huge hit as she walked onto the top of the world. Her other works include global hits like “Pop Punk Princess” and “Skater Punk.” So far she has registered 30 million albums all around the world. She has already sold over a 50 million singles.

She has also tried her luck in Hollywood. Her voice in the animation movie “Over the Hedge” has been her most successful movie. Other than acting and singing, she owns a clothing and fragrance firm. She is also famous as a philanthropist, and her notable works include raising awareness among people about the dangerous HIV/AIDS. Avril Lavigne has a reported worth of over $50 million.

Avril Lavigne 550x309 Avril Lavigne Plastic Surgery

When you are a celebrity, you are always in the spotlight, and there will always be controversies surrounding around you. For Avril Lavigne, she was accused of having plastic surgery.

There are a lot of reports that says that she has already received a nose job and breast implants. Even though she is yet to confirm or reject any claims, so far we can’t say if she has undergone the knife to improve her looks.

When you compare the pictures of the singer before and after the reported surgery, you can quite see the difference.

Avril Lavigne seems to have a bigger nose in the pictures of her but in the later picture they look to be thinner, that fits perfectly on her face. Even though we can confirm that whether it is the result of the surgical procedure or whether it is a brilliant job by her makeup man is yet to be confirmed.

She is also said to have received a breast implant. As it is clear from her picture she uses to have small breasts that seemed to be like A cup size, now it seems to have change into C cup. But this can also be a result of wearing a push-up bra too.

So far we don’t know if the speculations are true or not. And until the singer come out and confirm herself, it will just stay as a rumor.

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