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Aubrey O’ Day Plastic Surgery Breast, Butt Implants Before After Pics

Aubrey O’ Day had admitted some plastic surgery procedures in her past. She openly said that she gets breast augmentation and nose job done. Since then people attracted to watch Aubrey O’ Day and her association with plastic surgery issues. And recently, 30 years-old American singer-actress has came with another plastic surgery procedure, butt implants. Beside butt augmentation, Aubrey is also rumored to get fillers on lips and cheek as well as botox injected around her facial area.

AubreyODayButtImplants Aubrey O Day Plastic Surgery Breast, Butt Implants Before After Pics

Aubrey O Day Butt Implants

Aubrey O’ Day Butt Implants

Aubrey O’ Day butt implants is becoming a hot topic these days. It caused by her pictures that shown significant changes on her butt. Actually, there is no clear statement from her about it. She seems to let people guess by posting her “new butt” pictures on social media.

Together with the pictures, she also writes some words that lead speculations. Again we only can guess it. But perhaps pictures talk better.

From Aubrey O’ Day before after pictures we can see her butt has been changed, both in size and shape. In the After picture you can see that her buttock has been well-reshaped and refined. It is hard to deny if implants weren’t there, even if Aubrey said it is an effect of weight gain. What do you think about it? Check Kim Kardashian and K Michelle who got the same works done.

AubreyODayPlasticSurgery Aubrey O Day Plastic Surgery Breast, Butt Implants Before After Pics

Aubrey O Day Plastic Surgery

Aubrey O’ Day Breast Implants

Before Aubrey O’ Day got her butt faked, she has got her breasts faked first. The breast augmentation has changed her chest appearance much. Her former flat chest now becomes fuller since her new bigger breasts replacing it.

Plastic surgeon’s touch is obvious to see. We don’t even need her confession to prove that she got breast implants in it. She just got the same thing with Scarlett Johansson and Anna Faris.

Other procedures that strongly done by Aubrey O’ Day are botox, nose job (rhinoplasty), lips and cheek fillers injection such as Restylane and Juvederm. With numerous cosmetic surgeries on her, let’s hope she doesn’t botch herself in the future.

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