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Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

Actress Ashley Michelle Tisdale was born in 1985. She is famous for portraying as the Sharpay Evans in the movie series High School Musical. She has since appeared in many movies and advertisements.

It is not easy to survive in the Hollywood. You need to look sexy and gorgeous to survive there. This is the reason most of the celebrities choose to seek the help of a surgeon to improve their looks. Improved looks improve the confidence.

Even though Ashley arguably managed to land a character like Sharpay Evans after High School Musical series, recently people looked at her with a lot of interest as the possibility of a plastic surgery loomed over the actress.

Ashley Tisdale 550x309 Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

People magazine came out to reveal that the former Disney child star has undergone surgery to get her nose fixed. If you follow her pictures that were taken before and after the surgery, you can clearly see this difference. It is said that she has reshaped here nose. The young actress has narrowed her the side of her nose and the bulbous nose, for which she was famous for has now disappeared and replaced with a newly shaped one.

The other surgery she said to have is a breast augmentation surgery. It is said that Ashley Tisdale’s breast now look different that what they looked like before. It is clearly visible from the pictures that size of Ashley Tisdale’s breasts has improved. But nobody can confirm if she did get surgery to improve the size or she is just sing a push-up bra to make her breasts looks bigger. Even though there are plenty of people who believes that she has received a surgical procedure on her breast, the actress is yet to confirm or deny the rumors of any possible surgery. So for now, nobody knows what is really happening.

And as for the nose job, she has come out to defend herself that she had to get a surgery done after she suffered difficulties in breathing. Whether it is true or not is yet to be proven.

Breast Augmentation and Nose job are the two of the common plastic surgery procedure that Hollywood actress chooses to have. There are a lot of famous actresses, namely Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie, who have reportedly got a surgery to improve their looks.

Bust in the case of Ashley Tisdale, she gets the benefit of the doubt as nobody is still sure of what is happening with her. But, everyone agrees that her new looks suit her better.

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