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Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery (Before and After Pics)

Famous for her “The Ashlee Simpson Show” and Autobiography, studio album, Ashlee Simpson was born on 1984 October 3rd in Texas. Her older sister is famous singer Jessica Simpson.

It is quite common in the Film industry for the actors to undergo the knife to keep up in the game. Most of the times undergoing a knife helps the actress to improve her appearances and thereby improve her chances of having a successful career. So when someone thinks that they should go a surgical treatment so that they can change their physical appearance and thereby feel more confidence and comfort in their appearance, you can’t really bring them. After all, Confidence is a key factor to surviving in the film industry. It is difficult to find a celebrity who is completely satisfied with her looks and hasn’t undergone the knife to boost her chances.

Ashlee Simpson 550x309 Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery (Before and After Pics)

Recently it was Ashlee Simpson’s turn to be in the hotspot of tablets and blogs after it was revealed that she might have undergone surgery to improve her appearance. The speculations say that she had undergone a rhinoplasty or otherwise called as nose job to improve her looks. And now there are pictures all over the internet of Ashlee Simpson spending time with plastic surgeons and the rumors say, she might have been in touch with them for over years as she looks so close to them rather than a regular patient.

Her sister Jessica is also famous for her obsession of ‘of looking young.’ It is said that both Simpson sisters are ready to go till the end in their quest for it. And with her father coming out recently for the defense of his daughter saying that his younger daughter has recently fixed her nose by a surgeon who was done with perfection.

Judging from the old picture of the singer with the recent pictures, there are plenty of evidence for a possible surgery that has reshaped her nose. She now has a straighter than compared to before.

But not all of her fans agree that the surgeon who did the surgery did a great job on her. Some people think that her old nose looked better.

Recently, the singer has come out to defend the decision to undergo the knife saying “If people want to get surgery, it’s a personal thing. But it’s not something anyone should rush into. Once it’s done, it’s done.”

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