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Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After pictures

Angelababy is attracting the world with her amazingly beautiful face. However, Angelababy is not that beauty without plastic surgery. Plastic surgery issue is not a new thing for Angelababy. She has been rumored to get plastic surgery since a few years ago. Angelababy herself denied all plastic surgery addressed to her. But with such significant changes on her face, many people surely believe that she is telling a lie. Angelababy highly possibly has plastic surgery such as double eyelid surgery, nose job, jaw and chin surgery (chin reduction).

AngelababyPlasticSurgery Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After pictures

Angelababy Plastic Surgery

Angelababy Double Eyelid Surgery

Although Angelababy is a Chinese girl, but she has bigger eyes look, different with most Eastern Asia people who have smaller eyes look. It because Angelababy has Germany descent from her grandfather.

However, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) has helped her to get better eyelids shape. It is believed that Angelababy has double eyelid surgery to refine her eyelids. The surgeon’s work was good enough. See her before and after pictures, Angelababy now has fresher eyes with perfect eyelids. It surely supports the beauty of her.

Angelababy Nose Job

As we can see in Angelababy before plastic surgery pictures, she used to have big and flat nose shape. But it is transformed into smaller one in her After pictures. Nose job or Rhinoplasty procedure surely took part in changing her nose.

Angelababy Jaw and Chin Surgery

It’s clear that Angelababy used to have wide chin. Her chin made her face looked big in the past. This triggers the speculation about the possibility chin surgery. She is believed to get chin surgery to reduce its size.

Beside chin surgery, Angelababy also possibly got jaw surgery. Like chin surgery, this jaw surgery procedure also successfully made her face slimmer. The surgeon’s work seems to work well on her. We can see Angelababy now has narrower chin, makes her face looks smaller, too. An almost perfect V-shape face is surely making Angelababy more beautiful.

AngelababyPlasticSurgeryBeforeAfter Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After pictures

Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before After

Angelababy plastic surgery is considered as one of the best celebrity plastic surgeries ever. The beauty of her face spread around the world. Apparently, she got professional and experienced plastic surgeon services.

Some other famous women also get better with plastic surgery. See South Korean celebrities like Hyomin T-ara, Park Min Young and Uee who will also blow your mind with their plastic surgery results.

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