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Amy Adams Nose Job Before and After Picture

Amy Adams plastic surgery, especially for the nose job is becoming a hot topic recently. American actress who played in an independent film entitled Junebug has been believed to get surgeon’s touch on her nose. The surgeon’s work is subtle enough, makes some small differences on her nose. However, Amy Adams Before-After Nose Job Picture has been widely spreading on the internet, and we could see the result of the surgery she took.

AmyAdamsPlasticSurgery Amy Adams Nose Job Before and After Picture

Amy Adams Plastic Surgery

The nose job (rhinoplasty) procedure has changed some of her nose parts. Look at the before-after picture. We could clearly see that her nasal bridge was bigger in the past. But this part then become slimmer. We should appreciate this, because it is well done and is not overdone.

Beside the nasal bridge, the nose tip was also well reshaped. Amy Adams used to have rather bulbous nose tip, but the nose job changed it into a pointier one. At the same time we could also see that her nose (especially on ala of nose) is getting more pinched today.

Actually there is no clear statement from Amy Adams about her nose job. She left her plastic surgery issue in silent so far. However people have their own view. Since there are clear signs found on her nose, it is strongly believed that Amy Adams get the nose job. What do you think? Share your opinion about her nose job.

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