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Al Pacino Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Among old American actors with plastic surgery, Al Pacino is one of whom. Signs of plastic surgery is clear enough. As you might think, Al Pacino gets more than single procedure. Beside clear sign of facelift, Pacino’s face is also associated with Botox and laser treatment.

AlPacinoPlasticSurgery Al Pacino Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Al Pacino Plastic Surgery

Al Pacino Facelift and Botox

Combining facelift and Botox is common for many celebrities, specifically, old celebrities. Al Pacino doesn’t seem able to resist the temptation of it, too. How old is Al Pacino then? Well, Michael Corleone in the film The Godfather was born on April 25, 1940. Simply, we mean Al Pacino is 75 years old.

Pacino’s before and after plastic surgery pictures draw bad alteration he underwent. Facelift together with Botox are the main reason over Pacino’s unnatural face. Facelift, as its name implies, has overly pulled his face. Apparently, Al Pacino ordered his surgeon a bit excessive facelift procedure. The same case also happened with his Botox injection. By observing his before and after photos simply we can say that Al Pacino overdid it.

Laser Treatment

Generally, we can’t say Botox and laser treatment are plastic surgery. These two procedures don’t involve any surgical method. Botox is performed with injection while laser is via, well, light. But since Al Pacino transformation is attracting many eyes, any involved procedure should be listed.

Laser treatment can be used to various purposes. It also can be performed on many parts of your body. For Pacino’s case, beside on his face, he also possibly has it on his eyes. Laser could help him erasing wrinkles on his face while on eyes laser has probably helped him improving his vision.

Overall, we could say that plastic surgery doesn’t ruin his face, yet. That sounds better than botched plastic surgery of Ray Liotta. Before you check Ray Liotta plastic surgery, don’t hesitate to leave your thought.

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